YouSolution Cloud is dedicated to the SAP ecosystem, and to the companies that are planning to start integration projects.

YouSolution was founded with a solid goal in our minds: to interconnect decoupled systems through a platform that synchronizes data and transforms it into information available in real time. A flexible and lean tool that allows small and medium businesses escalating their existing IT solutions by letting them communicate with each other, using the YouSolution Cloud platform.

Andrea Trentin


I have turned my passion into my job and that is why I enjoy to study, create, innovate and explore new technological solutions every day. Creating useful solutions for other people and seeing their satisfaction while using it on a daily basis is my greatest motivation. This is the strength that moves the creative dynamicity of YouSolution.

Dario Chemello

Research & Development

My love for technology has led me to spending most of my life in front of a computer with the purpose of creating innovative solutions and finding new ways to turn complex ideas into something simple and easy to use. My goal is to make YouSolution a reference company in terms of innovation and user experience.

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