Application Scenario: Third-party Logistics

The YouSolution Integration Hub Platform integrates decoupled systems by synchronizing data on the cloud. The platform enables seamless integration of all kinds of applications through internet access. Therefore, data from different departments, companies, suppliers, customers, and all kinds of stakeholders can easily be synchronized and connected. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

To get a deeper understanding of how can be used in practice, we will present some realistic scenarios of how the platform can be used based on its different applications. These scenarios do not represent any specific company or project. However, they highlight the fact that we collaborate with partners worldwide who have customers in various sectors.


Synchronization of Data from a Third-party Logistics Provider

If a partner has a customer that uses a third-party logistics provider, the YouSolution Integration Hub Platform enables integration of the customer’s ERP with the provider’s logistics system. In this way, data from the logistics operations can be synchronized and updated in real time for the customer.

To explain this application further, we have come up with a scenario where you can imagine a customer with a chain of ice cream parlours. In this scenario, we have named the customer “Delicious Ice Cream” and the third-party logistics provider “Logistics X”. The ERP system used will be SAP Business One.


The Flow of the Cream

Imagine that it is a hot summer day, and an ice cream parlour of Delicious Ice Cream is soon running out of cream needed to produce their ice creams. To solve this problem, the parlour sends an email to the headquarters of Delicious Ice Cream who places a Sales Order of cream in SAP Business One. The YouSolution Integration Hub Platform automatically extracts the data from this order and transforms it into an EDI document readable for Logistics X. After that, Logistics X makes an order to the supplier of cream. The data of this order also get synchronized in the YouSolution platform and end up as a registered Purchase Order in Delicious Ice Cream’s SAP Business One system.

After a few days, Logistics X has probably received the cream from the supplier. synchronizes the data of this operation and forward it to Delicious Ice Cream’s SAP Business One. Here, it gets registered as a Goods Receipt connected to the original Purchase Order, and the delivered quantity can easily be compared to the ordered quantity.

Now, Logistics X can deliver the cream to the parlour. The related delivery notes are integrated into Delicious Ice Cream’s SAP Business One system via the YouSolution platform. Here, the notes get registered as a Delivery and connected to the original Sales Order made by Delicious Ice Cream. This connection, among others, can be displayed in a relationship map in SAP Business One for a clear overview.


Automatic Synchronization
The YouSolution Integration Hub Platform automatically synchronizes data flows of business operations with minimum manual interaction, making the process quick, smooth and effortless.

Real-time Data
The platform provides real-time data which enhance traceability and monitoring of flows and stock situation.

No Data Loss ensures no data loss even if one of the systems would go down. This is because all data entering and leaving the platform are enqueued.

We hope that you now have a greater understanding of how the YouSolution Integration Hub Platform can be used in practice. In the coming blog posts, we will present additional scenarios based on other applications of the platform. Stay tuned!